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The Charlie Morrow Archive in Barton VT has Morrow's collection of his works, productions and memorabilia.


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The New Wilderness Foundation, Inc.,


inactive since 13 july 2011, was a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, was founded in 1974 by poet Jerome Rothenberg and sound artist, sound poet Charlie Morrow as an arts organization with the mission of New/Old Explorations of Sound and Oral Poetry. NWF provided the structure to publish, produce, present, promote and administer.


NWF incubated startups around new concepts which would be continued by dedicated organizations. NWF grew out of ethnopoetics and performance arts: a blend of experimental and traditional arts espousing a "new wilderness", a source of perpetual renewal and new ideas. The conceptually designed art events mixed new and old technologies. NWF used electronic media to broadcast, record and promote the cross disciplinary mix of arts and artists.


From 1974 - 1989 there was a resonance between on the New Wilderness artists and NWF multidisciplinary activities. Morrow as producer and conceptualist created framing artwork that would parallel Rothenberg's seminal poetics anthologies in their stimulation of the creation of site and medium specific works in all media by New Wilderness artists participating in the events, publications, broadcasts and productions. Morrow provided organizing, media studio production and distribution to bring many NWF projects to a wide local, national and international public.