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Performing Groups: The Ocarina Orchestra, the Grand Conch Chorus, the Wind Band

These units were formed to play at NWF events. They served to bring together many artists to play and to create new works which were immediately played.

The Ocarina Orchestra - players, jammers and composers on clay whistle instruments from around the world. Ocarina: Italian "Little goose".

Morrow writes:
I was strolling through the American Museum of Natural History gift shop and came upon whistles from Mexico in numerous animal shapes. I bought a couple and discovered that the clay whistles form Xahaca were powerful sound sources alone and in combination.

I played the large and small fishes and the mermaid instruments daily after soaking them in water to remove the weird flavor. I made pieces and played for the first time in pubic at Phill Niblock’s loft.

Then I bought more ocarinas and invited friends to duet. RIP Hayman, Mary Nell Hawk, Charlie Doria were among the first. The group grew and we met regularly for years to play, ending in 1989 after my daughter was born and I could no longer host the merry oc'ers.

The Oc Orc as it became to called played many places. The convivial social format of playing with friends often without musical training led to compositions, improv formats and jams. In this respect we are kin to other improv groups of the time like the Portsmouth Symphony and the Scratch Orchestra. There is an Ocarina Orchestra recording on NW Audiographics. The Grand Conch Chorus Morrow notes: I become interested in conch horns, playing them and cutting them and then formed the Grand Conch Chorus to experience and create with the wonderful mass of sound possible with multiple conch players.

The conch is s true out doors instrument with the power to be heard and felt long distances. It was an extraordinary ensemble of up to 100 players that joined peace parade, led the New York Halloween parade and performed in Creative Time's Art on the Beach. It was a joy the year I led the Grand Conches at the head of the parade in my bowler hat.

The Wind Band

The NWF Wind Band was a small to large gathering of brass, woodwind and percussionists who played original music written for NW events by their members and NWF artists. Most of these works are in the NWF Archive.



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