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Audiographics Artists Cassettes: 70s - 80s

New/Old Explorations in Sound & Language Arts


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NWF AG productions of artists sound works.
Experimental and traditional music, poetry, story telling and other sound art.

Audiographics was a project of the New Wilderness Foundation. The first series was produced by Ondina Fiori and Charlie Morrow. Graphic design - Mary Nell Hawk

Approx. 40 titles were released

It was the first artists audio work label in the USA. The programming range conformed with the New Wilderness new/old approach. At the time of production, the 1970s, mixing folk, so called native and high art work was new. Much has happened to break down the barriers, hierarchies still separate the sonic work in diverse cultures and disciplines, we still live in a world of categories. Fortunately, world music is a growing genre and the big remix is on.



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Audiographics Artists Cassettes: 70s - 80s
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This is the first New Wilderness AUDIOGRAPHICS series. We offer quality stereo cassettes with graphic and descriptive material of experimental and traditional music, poetry, storytelling and other sound and language art.

A major asset is our professional recording studio. For a number of years we have donated studio time and recording expertise to many artists, producing high-quality studio and on-location recordings. Many members of the creative community have trained here, learning studio recording and production tech¬niques. Traditional artists, usually recordved only live in the field come to our studio to develop new approaches to their recorded work.

Quality stereo cassettes with graphic and descriptive material of experimental and traditional music, poetry, story telling and other sound art.
7701A Philip Corner Breath Chants
7701B Philip Corner Metal Meditations
Leonard & Mary Crow Dog Peyote Songs
7702B Leonard & Mary Crow Dog Peyote Songs
7703A Spencer Hoist Reading from his stories
7703B1 Spencer Holst The Institute for the Foul Ball
( Part I. Il)
7703C Spencer Hoist & Tui St. George Tucker There are Different Kinds of Writings
7704A Annea Lockwood Tiger Balm>
7704B Annea Lockwood Malaman
7705A Jackson Mac Low Poetry & Music
7705B Jackson Mac Low & Pauline Oliveros Homage to Leona Bleiweiss
(Part I, II)
7705A Charlie Morrow Personal Chants
7706B Charlie Morrow Healing Chant & Others
7706C Charlie Morrow Hour of Changes
7707A Jerome Rothenberg Six Horse Songs for Four Voices
7708A Armand Schwerner Readings
7708B Armand Schwerner Sophocles’Philoctetes, trans. A.S.
7709A Richard Schechner & Joan Macintosh The New Guinea Tapes (Part I, II, III)
7710 Hannah Weiner Readings from the Clairvoyant Journals
7711A Sampler Cassette Excerpts from the Above Series
7712A Alison Knowles Natural Assemblages and the True Crow
7714A Talking Band Kalevala: An Epic of Finland
7914A R.I.P. Hayman Dream sound India Transformed
8115A R.I.P. Hayman Hearsayseeing
8115B Jonathan Albert Love Songs II: The Shuman Dreams
8116A Donna Henes


7701A - Philip Corner - Breath Chants

"Uhhm (after a deep and Tibetan image)" "OM 'pot', breath-constant" 60 minutes 7701B Music: "Metal Meditations-'Symphony" "Metal Meditai'ons with Fontana (to test the thing)" 60 minutes

PHILIP CORNER is a composer familiar to avant garde audiences for his unique vision of sound, a picturing of elements and energy. Recently tie fathered the collective on-going ritual Sounds Out of Silent Spaces. In the early 60's together with James Tenney and Malcolm Goldstein, he organized the pioneering Tone Roads Concerts. Earlier still, he studied music in Paris and calligraphy in Korea, where he was stationed in the U.S. Army.

7702A - Leonard & Mary Crow Dog - Peyote Songs
sung by Leonard, Mary and Christine Crow Dog, 60 minutes
7702B - Peyote Songs
sung by Leonard and Mary Crow Dog 60 minutes

The members of the Crow Dog family are tradi-tionalists who for generations, have perserved the Sioux tribal culture and religion, in spite of years of repression by missionaries and bureaucrats. Rituals, songs, legends and tribal history have been faithfully transmit¬ted from grandparents to grandchildren. Song and religion being inseparable, all members of the family have always automatically also been musicians.